Quick and Easy Laundry & Dry Cleaning Drop-Off Service

This service is perfect for busy families and professionals that have laundry or dry cleaning to do on a frequent basis each month. 
  1. Use a provided laundry bag to collect your items.
  2. At home, complete a VIP Express form with specific instructions about your order and include it in your bag.
  3. Drop off the bag at the counter in the store.  Say a quick "hi" to the TLC staff member, take your ticket number and be on your way!
  4. You will receive an email of your order details (or view it in our mobile app).
  5. Receive a text message when your items are ready for pick up.
  6. Pick up your cleaned items.
  7. Receive a copy of your monthly invoice via email and your debit/credit card will be charged automatically.

To get started, fill out the form below and then stop by any of our locations to pick up your bag(s) and provide your debit/credit card information.


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