The story of my big, blue comforter

I have a king size blue denim comforter that hangs out all day on the bed in the guest bedroom.  It is the kind of comforter that is warm and cozy underneath during the cold winter months and is fluffy to lay on top of when you read a good book.

A couple of years ago, I looked at this favorite comforter and realized it looked little tired and smelled a bit musty. I wondered, "when was the last time this has been cleaned?"  The pure thought of putting this huge piece of fabric and stuffing in my washing machine made me cringe.  It would possibly cause the washer to "dance" its way out of the laundry room door.  Plus it probably wouldn't get clean enough since there was hardly any room for it to roll around inside. 

I wanted to put it off for another time.  I knew I should take it in to get it cleaned, but the thought of the whole process just made me want to procrastinate.  However, I was expecting to have some overnight guests, so I decided I should to get the job done.  I scooped it up and somehow managed to get it the huge bundle into my car.  I loaded my wallet with quarters and headed to my neighborhood laundromat, 5 Mile Wash & Dry.

I knew I was in for a several hour outing.  I could do a little shopping while I waited and hopefully arrive back in time when the cycle finished.  I walked into the laundromat and stared at all the machines.  Which one should I use?  How the heck do I work these machines?  As I stood there by the door wondering what my first move should be, a nice and friendly voice asked me, "Do you need any help?"

"Yes, yes I do!  Which machine should I use to clean my comforter?" I asked.  The attendant kindly brought me back to the largest machine towards the back and proceeded to give me some quick instructions.  I listened closely but all the while I was less and less excited about using the thing.  She then looked at me and said those magical words, "If you don't want to wait around and wash it yourself, we can do it for you."  You can DO IT FOR ME?  But then my practical and realistic voice called out, "But how much does it cost?"  I had a number in my head of what I would be willing to spend for this luxurious service.  When she told me the price and that it was less than I thought, I said, "Yes, I would love you to take care of this for me!"

I plopped my favorite comforter on the counter and then began to wonder. Will she take care of it like I would?  By the looks of her and the equipment around the place, I knew it was in good hands.  I walked out of the laundromat with a lightness about me, and I was excited to have all this free time ahead.

When I returned later, I smiled as I saw my carefully folded comforter tucked inside a bag, ready to go home.  Once back in the guest room, I released it from the bag, gave it a good fluffing as it floated into place on the bed.  It smelled delightful and was soft and plush.

Who would know that just a few years later, that experience with my favorite blue denim comforter would help me with a big decision.  The decision to be the new owner of that same laundromat, 5 Mile Wash & Dry.  We strive to continue to give that same great experience every day at the "mat".  It is the friendly attendants, the extra capacity machines and the time-saving drop-off service that hopefully will encourage you to bring in your favorite comforter to be cleaned.