Laundromat Checklist

Here's the scoop:  Follow this checklist to be better prepared when you take a trip to the laundromat.

You have piled all your clothes into your hamper, lugged it to your car and now have unloaded everything inside your neighborhood laundromat.  What is next?  Here is a handy checklist of items to do or consider when starting those loads of laundry.

  • Read all care labels to determine how to best clean the fabrics.
  • Sort your clothes by colors and temperature settings.  
  • Check your pockets!  Watch out for pens, crayons, gum, and sharp objects (such as belt buckles) that could possibly damage your items.
  • Ask the attendant any questions you have about the store’s machines.  Some machines are more efficient and can clean your clothes quicker and better than some of the other models.
  • Select a machine that has enough room to move the items freely.  Do not overload.
  • Check the machine for anything that could possibly damage your clothes.  Do not trust the person that used the machine before you.
  • Measure your soap.  Use only the amount that is needed for the machine capacity and size of the load.  Too much soap can leave residue behind and will cause your clothes to get dirtier faster.  Plus it may cause a bubbling overflow out of the machines and onto the floor.
  • Keep an eye out.  You just never know if someone mistakes your load for their own.  While many laundromats have security cameras and attendants on duty, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure your belongings aren’t taken by others.
  • Be respectful of others and the store.  Pick up after yourself, put things back where you found them and be courteous to your fellow laundromat users.
  • When you are ready to take your laundry home, you may want to ask the attendant if there are bags and hangers for purchase so that you can protect your fresh and clean clothing.

While doing your laundry can be a chore, having multiple loads all done at once at the laundromat can be a big time saver.  No time to do your laundry?   Our South Hill Wash & Dry and 5 Mile Wash & Dry locations offer drop-off "fluff & fold" service.  Pick-up and delivery is also available in the Spokane area!