How to wash sweaty yoga pants and more

Here's the scoop:  Take extra care with cleaning your workout gear so that it too, can maintain its shape and performance.

Summer is just around the corner, and maybe your plan is to hit the gym to get ready for swimsuit season.  Here are a few tips to help keep your workout clothes looking and smelling good.

Don’t allow the bacteria to grow or mildew to form if you bunch up your yoga pants or t-shirt in the hamper or gym bag.  Wash as soon as possible or lay them out to dry if it will be awhile before laundry day.  If it is a sunny day, hang them up outside to deter bacteria build-up.

Use a small amount of liquid detergent (no more than two teaspoons). You can also try adding Borax to help boost the cleaning power of the detergent and to neutralize odors.

Use a stain remover under arms of t-shirts or along the neckline before washing.  You can also soak all your stinky active wear in water with a scoop of baking soda to get rid of odors or add it along with your detergent in the wash cycle.

Wash all your fabrics containing spandex/lycra, microfiber and polyester in cold water.  Launder cotton t-shirts, socks, sweats and shorts in hot water.  Be sure to wash similar colors together.

Low heat or air drying sports bras and other spandex/lycra garments.  They will maintain their shape and last longer.  Dry cotton fabrics in a warm dryer (take out promptly to prevent wrinkles).  For white t-shirts, dry them outside on a sunny day.  The ultraviolet rays will brighten them up.

Do not use fabric softener, bleach, dry clean or iron on spandex or special stretch fabrics.

As always, read your fabric labels for important instructions for caring for your workout wear.