Dry Cleaning Checklist

Here's the scoop:  Here is a handy checklist to go through when you drop off your dry cleaning items at your neighborhood cleaner.

  • Read the care label and go over it with the attendant so that you both understand the best way to process the item.  If you do not have a care label on the clothing, it will be your responsibility to make the final decision on how to proceed with the cleaning of the item.
  • Point out any stains or special care instructions to the attendant.  Notate any pre-existing conditions such as a hole, permanent stain or tear.
  • Check the pockets.  Ensure there is nothing of value or potential hazards that can cause damage tucked away in a pocket.
  • Read and acknowledge the release of liability form.  The utmost care will be taken when cleaning your items but in some circumstances, the condition of the garment or fabric may not be able to withstand the process. Sometimes even the best of efforts may not get out that stubborn stain.
  • Review your order receipt to ensure all the items that you turned in are listed along with special instructions.
  • Understand the costs. While the attendant makes every effort to quote the correct price at the time when you turn in your item, there may be circumstances that will cause the price to increase if additional work needs to be done.  If this is a concern, be sure to have the attendant notify you of any change in price before the work is started.
  • Ask your attendant about any special folding, hanging or storage options.  They may be able to box your items for long-term storage, put them on hangers just the way you like it or fold them a particular way.  Be aware that there may be extra costs associated with special instructions.
  • Be prompt when your item is ready for pick-up.  Dry cleaning stores have limited space available so picking up your item sooner than later is appreciated.  
  • Double-check your completed orders with the attendant to ensure everything is there.  
  • Recycle your hangers!  If flimsy wire hangers aren’t your cup of tea, simply bring them back to your dry cleaner and they will happily recycle them for you.

Dry cleaning drop off is available at all three of our locations.  Deer Park Cleaners strives to provide the highest quality cleaning and care for your fabrics and garments.