Fall sports season - bring on the sweat and grass stains!

Here's the scoop: Don't let grass and sweat stains defeat you!  It takes just a little bit of effort to get your uniforms and practice gear in top shape once again.

Football, cross country, soccer and many other sports are gearing up for the upcoming fall season.  No doubt your player will be bringing home not only sweaty workout gear and uniforms but a few grass stains as well.  Here are some tips from Tide's Laundry & Stain Removal Tips Guide:


  1. Pretreat by soaking or pre washing in warm water using a detergent containing enzymes.
  2. Wash using the enzyme detergent.
  3. For aged or set stains, soak overnight in warm water and detergent.
  4. If the stain remains, consider using a rust remover (be sure to follow manufacturer's instructions), as it may help remove stubborn stains.  CAUTION: DO NOT USE BLEACH AND RUST REMOVERS TOGETHER AS THEY CAN CREATE IRRITATING FUMES.


  1. Dampen stain with warm water and rub with a pure bar soap, like Ivory.
  2. Wash in hot water with chlorine bleach if safe for the fabric.  Note: If perspiration has changed the color of the fabric, apply ammonia to fresh stains or vinegar to old stains, and rinse.  CAUTION:  TEST FIRST BY APPLYING AMMONIA OR VINEGAR ON INSIDE SEAM TO PREVENT COLOR FADING OR OTHER FABRIC DAMAGE.
  3. Wash with the hottest water safe for fabric.

** As with all laundry tips, be sure to read the label on each piece of clothing for manufacturer's instructions.  If the label cautions against any of these instructions, do not proceed and use another method.