Ten reasons you shouldn't do your laundry today

Ugh, it's laundry day.  here are 10 reasons you shouldn't do your laundry today:

  1. You aren’t sure that shirt with the mystery stain will come clean without a struggle.

  2. The washer and dryer makes too much noise for your Sunday nap.

  3. There are so many loads to do, you don’t know where to start.

  4. You may be running low on detergent and going to Costco will be crazy busy today.

  5. Something smells weird and you are scared to find out why.

  6. You are busy doing other things and will forget about changing the wash until tomorrow.

  7. You know you should iron your clothes for work, but you just aren’t in the mood.

  8. Folding all that laundry will take forever.

  9. It isn’t even your laundry, it is your spouse’s and the kids’.

  10. You have more important and fun things to do today than do the laundry!

So don’t do your laundry!  Free yourself and follow these simple steps to an easy laundry day:

  1. Throw all the dirty laundry into a bag or hamper and put it in your car.

  2. You were going to run an errand today anyway so swing by 5 Mile Wash & Dry.

  3. Hand over all that laundry to the attendant.

  4. Find that mystery stain and let the professional laundry attendant work on it.

  5. Don’t worry about the weird smell, tell the attendant to wash in your detergent of choice.  Scented?  Unscented?  Dryer sheet?  

  6. Pay for your services and let the Wash & Dry use their water, electricity and time to do the job.

  7. Pick up your clean, dry, folded, steam/ironed and hung laundry the very next day!

  8. Enjoy all that time you saved!!